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Gelareh Alam is an independent fashion designer based in San Francisco. Her story is quite unconventional. "I had no voice growing up as a girl in war and conflict. I would have to run for safety all the time and got used to fear. Now, coming so far from that I celebrate freedom and empower myself by expressing strength and sensuality through my art. I want to create pieces with feminine elegance and give the wearer fearless confidence. If we feel empowered there is nothing we can't do."

Gelareh is a world bridger and an amazing designer that is completely dedicated to her ethos and craft. Her pieces all handcrafted by master artisans in her atelier. We loved consulting with her and provided a mentorship involving branding, styling, and merchandising input throughout multiple collections. Gelareh's designs and worldviews are as unique and as beautiful as their creator.

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