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GAP Europe

Gap Europe branched off from the US and relocated to London to create a product suitable for the European market and franchise. A new design, product development, and R&D team were formed. Appointed as Creative Director Andree DeLair hired the teams from the ground up and provided full creative direction while managing product development, design, and R&D teams for women's and accessories. By veering away from the high street ''disposable" fast fashion model we recreated the brand identity by creating "Iconic Classics" must have covetable and versatile fashion basics. The collections were received with unprecedented success as soon as the first shipment was delivered. Designs, fabrics, wash techniques and initiatives were adopted by the US design and buying teams creating a cross pollination of the business models utilizing best practice, leveraging exponential growth and improving speed to market .


We achieved this by partnering with GAP Internal Service and mills on new fabric developments and initiatives, creating in-store shops and mini capsule collections, revising all systems that slowed down product delivery timelines and creating a dynamic international design and development team. There were multiple projects in sustainability including organic cotton and RED led by Burak Camac and some wonderful and noteworthy design collaborations with Roland Mouret, Pierre Hardy, Valentino, Henry Holland,

Marie Amelie Sauve, Katie Grand and Phoebe Philo

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